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The humble cotton cycling cap serves many purposes. Wear it under a helmet in winter to keep your head warm. Wear it under a helmet in summer to keep the drizzle out of your eyes..... :) Or when out of the UK you can wear it to keep the sun out of your eyes or worn back to front to protect your neck from sunburn. You can even do as the pro's once did and stick a cabbage leaf under it to help cool you down! Presumably trial, error and the gradient you are riding up all combine to affect the cooking time of the cabbage so you will probably need a few goes before it tastes just right...... What a lovely thought!

Our Chapeau! cotton caps come with a regulation stiff peak and the elasticated rear band so one size fits all. Wear it on the bike as a functional item or off the bike to add incalculable amounts of style points to your look!


100% Cotton

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