Ladies Caviar Arm Warmer - Geo Stripe


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One size arm warmer. Geo stripe detail.

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“But why don’t you just wear a long sleeve jersey” we were asked when trying to explain arm warmers to a non-cyclist. Warmers used to be something that Olivia Newton John wore with a leotard whilst urging us to get physical, so how come we need them?

Arm warmers are the ideal garment for the ever changing conditions we cycle in. It starts warm but gets cold, it starts cold but your heart rate increases your body temperature - we can never be sure whether to wear long or short sleeves. With a good pair of arm warmers there’s no need to decide - on, off, in the pocket, do the hokey cokey and start again.

The fabric is super flexible with a 4 way stretch ensuring your warmer stays secure, in place and most of all comfortable. They are constructed from a mid-thermal weight making them suitable for Autumn, Winter or Spring.

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