Premium Products for The Discerning Cyclist

Chapeau! is a brand conceived and developed by cyclists who yearned for great quality products that came complete with a touch of class.


We are consumers ourselves and felt that bicycle related paraphernalia had been dominated by garish styling and an over inflated sense of its own value for too long. This became a touch hard to swallow after a while and we became frustrated. However; the frustration that something wasn’t right; and that something could be done to change things, led to ideas forming about Chapeau! and a “People’s bicycle club.”


We have finally arrived at the following set of guiding principles, a philosophy if you will, to ensure user happiness:


  • - An understated, but classic, sense of style. Your bike related bits do not deserve to be hidden in a drawer or box somewhere! They should be good enough to live on display, garnering a sense of interest from the un-initiated, not bewilderment and sometimes repulsion! Its official, cycling is now cool and we can all start being a bit more proud of our sport!
  • - A fair price for a quality product. Chapeau! is never going to be the lowest price, but we strive to make sure it always provides the best value. As we all should know, price and value are two very different things!
  • - Product explanations that are realistic, fair and easy to decipher! Nothing worse than getting your hopes up and having them dashed is there?

If you ever feel that a Chapeau! product has failed in the any of the above, we want to hear from you, so we can put it right.