Chapeau!, Crank Coffee, Roasted Beans, 250g

Roasted Beans - 250g

A rich, sweet and balanced blend of Brazil Monte Cristo & Colombia Las Acacia coffee beans

Chapeau Crank CoffeeChapeau Crank Coffee

The crank is an essential part of any bike - it works for everyman/woman. So we thought naming this crowd-pleasing blend "CRANK" was appropriate as it is a great all-rounder with everything you need.

It's sweet, rich and has a distinct milk chocolate note and syrupy mouth feel. Plus it's roasted a little darker for a nice kick. Perfect for a morning cafetiere.

It's strong, dark and full of chocolate richness, so imbibe an espresso, focus, saddle up and pedal.


Make the perfect cafetiere:

- Preheat your cafetiere with hot water and discard (the water that is)

- Add 1 heaped tablespoon of coffee per cup (about 10g)

- Add filtered, hot water and stir for 5 seconds

- Place plunger on cafetiere and wait 4 minutes

- Slowly press the plunger down and serve all the coffee immediately

To make your coffee stronger add more ground coffee (12g-15g), and likewise for a weaker drink add less.

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