Chapeau!, Fixed Coffee, Roasted Beans, 250g

Roasted Beans - 250g

A bright, light and fruity blend of Brazil Santa Colomba, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Colombia Las Acacias coffee beans.

Chapeau Fixed CoffeeChapeau Fixed Coffee

As cool as a secret Shoreditch party and as flavourful as a hipster's beard oil, FIXED is a contemporary blend for the discerning coffee connoisseur.

It's sweet and full of citrus acidity leading to notes of ripe fruit and orange.

Much like riding a fixed wheel, this isn't for the crowd, but if you know your Aeropress from your Chemex, this one's for you.


Make the perfect cafetiere:

- Grind the Fixed coffee beans into a fine powder

- Preheat your cafetiere with hot water for a couple of minutes to prevent uneven extraction

- Place 1 heaped tablespoon of coffee per cup (about 10g) to the cafetiere

- Add filtered, hot water to the coffee and stir for 5 seconds

- Put the plunger on top of the cafetiere and leave for around 4 minutes

- Begin to press the plunger down slowly and serve the coffee immediately

Everyone’s tastes are different so if you want to make your coffee stronger, then add more ground coffee (12g-15g). To make a weaker coffee, add less coffee to the cafetiere.

Watt Coffee
good but a bit old

this is decent coffee and if you get the 3 for 2 deal ends up at £22 a kilo which is ok...however the beans are a bit old, mine said they were roasted in april and it's July now so that's not the greatest and it probably would have been nicer if it was a bit fresher...stay fresh everyone!

one year ago

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