Café Colour Block Jersey

Carbon Grey

Why we made this:

An update to our much-loved classic. Our all new Cafe Jersey is relaxed fit and casual.

It's perfect for cafe rides, commutes, gravel and adventure rides... or simply anyone that doesn't want the skinny-fit, lycra look.

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In the golden age of the Campionissimi cycling jerseys were beautiful things, heavyweight wool, casual tailoring and limited, if any, sponsor logos. Coppi, Bartali and Anquetil looked like film stars with their sunglasses and brylcreemed hair and the sun always seemed to shine.

Sometimes we want to ride our bikes without worrying about being aero, going deep or – frankly – being seen in figure hugging lycra. Our answer is the Café Jersey, technical enough to be practical and stylish enough to be proud of off the bike and in public.

With three pockets, a hidden gripper and subtle reflectivity the Café is certainly at home on the bike but with a relaxed fit.

Perfect with casual shorts and equally at home with a pair of bibs you can be confident the Café jersey will see you through any ride no matter the destination.

  • Casual Fitting
  • Natural Fibre
  • Relaxed Fitting
Casual and functional

I'm not a racer but wanted rear pockets and a looser fit, this is that. A point lost as I paid for next day delivery but it took 4 days to arrive...

22 days ago

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