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Look after your knees and they will look after you! Keep them warm and fully functioning year round with our new triple grip knee warmers.

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Given they are pretty important when it comes to cycling, a lot of people unknowingly put there knee joint health at risk by not keeping them warm enough even when the sun is out. The knee joint has a lubricating fluid within it that needs to be around normal core body temp to keep working properly - particularly if the movement is repetitive over a long period. Exactly as it is when riding a bike...

However, wind chill across the knee joint when riding does a very good job of cooling this area down and therefore the fluid in the knee as well. To cut a long story short, you don't want cold knees. Some coaches reckon anything below 15 degrees C and you should be considering the warmers out! Something for you to consider perhaps.

Back to the product itself, they are made from premium Italian fabric selected to be warm, comfortable, quick drying if it rains and look great. We have got 2 internal grippers to hold them in place and then a 3rd gripper on the outside of the thigh end to hold onto the shorts you've got over the top. Always shorts over the top of knee or leg warmers please.

Very good but get right size

Bought both sizes having read first review and am very happy with them. Comfy and warm and very fast drying if you catch a shower. Bargain in the sale

8 months ago
warm but very thight

I am 1.84cm and 71kg and usually I wear a M. The Medium size comes in very tight, so it they cut into the calves ... can't use mine. I would recommend to buy a size bigger than you are used to.

From Chapeau:

Thanks for the feedback Lorken, sorry you had a bad experience. We offer free returns so you can swap them for a larger version!

one year ago

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Size Guide

SIZELength (C)Top Opening (A)Bottom Opening (B)
Small / Medium (S/M) 15.7442.00 5.5129.00 4.3323.00
Large / XL (L/XL) 17.3244.00 12.5932.00 9.8425.00