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Why we made this:

We wanted to combine the old school cool of a classic, cotton cap with modern, high-performance fabrics.

Our caps are lightweight, quick drying, comfortable and perfectly matched to your jersey.

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The cap is an icon of the cycling world. Worn well, it elevates the wearer's panache levels exponentially whilst protecting against the sun's harsh glare and the cloud's dark drizzle.

In the days before helmets were commonplace in the pro peloton, casquettes would sit proudly atop the heads of campionissimo and gregario alike. Displaying the perfect ‘luft’, these stars of the road knew what it took to look good.

Peak up, peak down, facing forwards or worn backwards to protect your neck, the cycling cap is the Swiss Army knife of cycling accessories. Wear it under your helmet or pull it out of your jersey pocket at the café stop to disguise your helmet hair, but always have it with you.

Time and technology moves on and whilst there is always a place for the cotton cap our lightweight polyester caps that offer perfect summer breathability.

They've nailed it.

I have a long head like a Pterodactyl so finding a decent cycling cap that doesn't leave me with a head crease like Steven Gerrard that is also immeasurably stylish is tough.

I've tried Rapha which are ok but fail on loft and somehow don't cut the mustard. I've tried Cafè du Cycliste who tried to squeeze my brain through my nostrils. Morvelo. Isadore. All of them.

Chapeau should have so obviously been the choice. Their caps are amazing. All of my caps from here from now on.

Now, if you can make some good block colour socks with some kind of unfussy logo that matches your cap colours, then we'll be really cranking up the style mountain.


4 months ago

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Size Guide

SIZECircumference (A)
Small / Medium (S/M) 20.47 - 21.2552.00 - 54.00
Medium / Large (M/L) 22.04 - 22.8356.00 - 58.00