Merino Warmer, Thin Stripe

Petrol Blue & Hot Pink - One Size

Our Merino neck warmer is firm staff favourite. It's a natural fibre, lightweight product that is odour resistant and can be worn in a number of different ways; just on the neck, covering the chin or even an impromptu skull cap in case the cold wind catches you out!

Ah, merino! Forget modern scientific wizardry, merino is the original technical fibre. Merino has had a renaissance in recent years with cyclists and other outdoor athletes realising that merino has natural properties no modern fabric can replicate.

Woven into a fabric as soft as silk and barely thicker, it seems extraordinary that something so thin can be so warm. The secret is that merino fibres are incredibly fine, barely a quarter the thickness of a human hair, so they trap air much more effectively. Not only that, merino fibres also wick sweat away without feeling clammy against the skin. That's important, because the chilling effect of air over damp fabric can be a real problem in cold conditions. Merino retains warmth even when wet, which makes it perfect for winter rides. Finally, merino has natural anti-microbial properties which prevents unpleasant odours from building up. We don't recommend never washing your merino kit, but it's nice to know that you won't be turned away from cafes while on tour! None of these properties rely on artifical treatments, it's all down to nature.

Cool Weather Go-To

The Merino Warmer is a very versatile piece of gear to have in your inventory. When temperatures get cooler, it does a great job of taking the edge out of chilling winds. It's long enough that you can pull it up over your ears and head, or roll it down to minimize its profile on your neck. If it gets too warm, it folds down to wallet size and easily goes into the back pocket of your jersey.

I really like gear that scales for conditions. The Warmer does this well. The fact it is made out of merino makes it that much better.

one year ago

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