Neck Warmer, Stripe

Flint Grey, One Size

Why We Made This:

Perhaps the most versatile yet under-appreciated item in any cyclists wardrobe, the humble neck warmer has saved many a ride.

Perfect to keep icy winds at bay, mop a damp brow or take the place of a forgotten casquette. Why would you ever ride without one?

Soft on the skin, lightweight, wicking and breathable, Chapeau! Neck Warmers are perfect ‘never leave home without them’ items. Simple and stylish, you’ll forget you own one until it saves your day.

Designed to be versatile, your only limit is your imagination. Wear it round your neck to keep chilly winds away, pull it up over your face or under your helmet for an extra layer. Not just for the winter, our neck warmers are perfect for cleaning glasses or wiping foreheads when the temperatures are up.

Our neck warmers are a one size fits all 24cm x 45cm and made from lightweight, soft-touch polyester cotton.They fit perfectly under a jersey or in a back-pocket and are long enough to fold in half for a little extra coverage.

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Soft Touch

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