Ladies Classic Bib Shorts (Black/White)


Everyone needs a pair of shorts for day to day riding – commuting, an evening spin with friends, riding to the cafe on a sunny afternoon. The Classic is our entry level bibshort, less technical than our Pave range but still comfy and designed for the rigours of daily use. They make an ideal first pair if you are just getting used to the idea of bibshorts, offering top quality at a modest price. We promise you'll notice how much more comfortable they are compared to regular shorts!

Of course the priority for any pair of shorts is to keep you comfortable on the bike. A good pair of bibshorts should be a snug fit, so the Classics have a multi-panel design, full mesh back and soft straps to hold them in place, no matter what your body shape. The legs are a proper length too, coming down to the bottom of your thigh. Coupled with a wide elasticated cuff and subtle silicone printing the shorts will stay in place without pinching or causing the dreaded 'sausage leg'.

Even though it's our entry level bibshort, the Classic doesn't lack for features that you'd expect to find on shorts costing a lot more. New for 2015 we've added a splash of colour, with a stylish spotty (polka dot?) pattern on the legs and coloured trim on the straps. Less obvious is the stitching – some brands use flatlocked stitching on the pad, which might look great but doesn't allow the fabric to stretch. We prefer to use a zig-zag pattern (on the pad), which gives more flexibility and doesn't come adrift so easily. External labels and a reflective Chapeau! label add up to a bibshort that looks and feels better than you'd expect at such a modest price.

The Pad

We know that one of the most important parts of a bibshort is the pad. That's why we put our trust in industry leader Elastic Interface when it comes to this important component. Here is the low down on the pad specified in the Ladies Classic Bibshort:

Fiandre women has the same characteristics that made the Elastic Interface Tour women pad so popular and well received: extremely light weight, three dimensional dual density pad with excellent freedom of movement, breathability and anatomic fit. What distinguishes this pad from its "twin" is the special "pelvic track", a raised surface strategically placed that "guides" and allows the natural rotation of the pelvic bones to find extra support and comfort on the saddle, also providing a capturing design. This pad is ideal for medium to long rides (from 2 to 4 hours).

  • Anatomic cut
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Reflective
  • Slim fitting
  • UV protection
Spot on! So comfy...

Great fitting pair of bibs you guys! Fantastic leg length featuring a superb non-obstructive leg gripper is spot on, waist fits lovely too but the pad fit is the best. Not too thick just where it should be; made my ride!
You guys are awesome.

3 years ago

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