Merino Base Layer

Long Sleeve

Our lightweight Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer is designed to sit against the skin underneath a jersey or jacket. With a snug performance fit you'll barely notice it's there, apart from the sense of warmth and comfort. Perfect for rides from Autumn through to Spring.

The wonder of woolies

Ah, merino! Forget modern scientific wizardry, merino is the original technical fibre. Merino has had a renaissance in recent years with cyclists and other outdoor athletes realising that merino has natural properties no modern fabric can replicate.

Woven into a fabric as soft as silk and barely thicker, it seems extraordinary that something so thin can be so warm. The secret is that merino fibres are incredibly fine, barely a quarter the thickness of a human hair, so they trap air much more effectively. Not only that, merino fibres also wick sweat away without feeling clammy against the skin. That's important, because the chilling effect of air over damp fabric can be a real problem in cold conditions. Merino retains warmth even when wet, which makes it perfect for winter rides. Finally, merino has natural anti-microbial properties which prevents unpleasant odours from building up. We don't recommend never washing your merino kit, but it's nice to know that you won't be turned away from cafes while on tour! None of these properties rely on artificial treatments, it's all down to nature.

Our merino is 100% non-mulesed and sourced from Australia.

  • Lightweight
  • Natural Fibre
  • Odour Resistant
  • Slim fitting
Winter Merino Baselayer

This is an excellent winter baselayer, gone are the days when I was put in a jumper from our shearing shed in Australia where I'd itch through 3 layers!!! The warmth is superb and good level of compression. I would maybe make the neck a little smaller as I did find on those really cold days that it was allowing cold air in (though it was maybe designed with the neck buff in mind). Love all the range from Chapeau.

one year ago
Great Product- a return purchase

Bought and used for road cycling
Very snug/wicks away moisture and remains odour free.
Have used a base layer for watching soccer and rugby in the winter months.
Will definitely repurchase in time.

one year ago
Very warm & comfy baselayer

I bought this along with the thermal / wind proof jersey and both served me well over the winter months - cycling in minus temperatures with only this under my wind proof jersey and no issues with the cold. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a lightweight warm base layer for cold weather but also for those mid season chilly conditions with a lighter weight long sleeve jersey.

one year ago
just fantastic!

I bought the chapeau t-shirt merino baselayer and was so impressed that I got the long-sleeved one too. I wear it both casually and for cycling and it is fantastic. The material is a wonder and it serves so well to keep you warm and dry. Also, never reatins any odour despite that hardest workout. A truly fantastic product.

3 years ago

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Size Guide

SIZEChest sizechest (a)Centre Front (B)Centre Back (C)
Small (S) 36 - 38 inches91.44 - 96.52 18.25 inches46.35 21.37 inches54.27 26.75 inches67.95
Medium (M) 38 - 41 inches96.52 - 104.14 19.50 inches49.53 22.00 inches55.88 27.50 inches69.85
Large (L) 41 - 43 inches104.14 - 109.22 20.50 inches52.07 22.62 inches57.45 28.50 inches72.39
Extra Large (XL) 43 - 46 inches109.22 - 116.84 21.25 inches53.98 24.00 inches60.96 29.25 inches74.30
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 46 inches +116.85 22.25 inches56.52 23.75 inches60.33 29.62 inches75.23