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Your bibs are your second skin providing both support and comfort. The quality of the pad is essential as one of the few touchpoints between you and your bike. Ideal for heavier riders or for endurance events, the green pad will keep you comfortable throughout long events and cycle touring.

Featuring a multi-panel design and a full mesh back, the Pavé’s snug fit provides stability and essential ventilation. Designed and tested on our famously rough British roads the Topazio fabric has less elasticity than regular lycra to hold tired leg muscles more firmly and reduce fatigue. With a wide elasticated cuff with subtle silicone printing you have all the grip you need without cutting your circulation off.

Down to the finest details, we’ve created a bib short that will provide you with the utmost comfort. Where most brands use flatlock stitching which doesn’t allow the fabric to stretch, we use a zig-zag stitching for the ultimate flexibility. External labels and a reflective Chapeau! label add up to a highly technical bib short that you’ll appreciate as much at the end of a ride as the beginning.

The Pad

We know that one of the most important parts of a bibshort is the pad. That's why we put our trust in industry leader Elastic Interface when it comes to this important component. Here is the low down on the pad specified in the Green Pave Bibshort:

Ultra high density ischiatic inserts have been purposely engineered and tailored according to university research on human anatomy and placed in key pressure points for optimum performance when riding in the MTB bike position. The Super Air base layer version provides increased breathability and quick dry. The pad has been fine tuned and offers extra perineal protection and Coolcube face fabric for maximum quick-dry and cooling sensation.

  • Anatomic cut
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Reflective
  • Slim fitting
  • UV protection
Get Shorty. Get these ones.

Ive never had the upper echelon of bib exquisiteness and price before. Hand me downs and 'that'll do bibs' where the order of the day and maybe purchasing middle of the road bibs as a treat to oneself. So it was most pleased with these little numbers after Santa had been good to me and bestowed my 'goodboy' self with many beer tokens for Xmas.
Well the beer tokens became Chapeau! Pave Bib Tokens and they arrived promptly at me door way up North.
I settled for the XL due to my rather large Gluteus Maximus and manly thunder thighs. Trying on and rubbing of the thigh coupled with a Rock on Tommy impression in front of my magic mirror I initially thought id gained weight eating all the turkey and trimmings over the Xmas period as the thigh region was somewhat more fitted than I'd been used too. Straps where very comfortable though and the tightness must have been down to the compression wizardry that Chapeau! have designed into the shorts.

After parading around the living room like Big Daddy entering the ring on a Saturday afternoon on ITV back in the day I got the nod from my lass and the ever resounding 'Oooooh, they're nice Bonny Lad'.

Out on the cold roads of the North they are extremely comfortable in the saddle and on the rivet in the drops but I do ride the same uber comfy saddle across my bikes. The green chamois is superb. I can see many long rides in these Pave badboys. The Chapeau! decals are nice and understated. (Secretly, I'm hoping no one at the club asks me where I got my super new shorts with the little bowler hat from. I'm quite enjoying the Chapeau! exclusivity amongst our jaunts out)

The grippers stay firm when powering through and don't feel like Ive applied a tourniquet to my lower manly thighs just above the knee. They play nicely with leg warmers too. I love my Pave Bi-beer tokens..er sorry.. Pave Bib shorts -Green Pad and I'm sure you'll love 'em too.

3 years ago

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