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If you enjoy taking care of the details, you’ll love the Chapeau! leather mitts. With classic styling to complement any kit selection these gloves are more than mere accessory, engineered to perform to the stresses of riding in any condition.

Constructed in the very best water and sweat resistant Pittards leathers, a soft feel and form fitting sheepskin, the mitts feel as good as they look. Whilst the leather resists the absorption of moisture from rain, sweat and humidity, breathability and comfort are not compromised.

A textured pattern on the palm leather increases grip and provides abrasion resistance with 3D meshed palm for extra comfort and increased air flow.

Finished with extra-soft binding around the thumb at the all important contact point, these mitts are going to become to your cycling like a hand to a glove.

We wore the gloves all Summer and found the best wayt to take them off was to place the opposite thumb inside the palm and effectively roll the gloves off then turn right side out when off the hand.

Caring for your Mitts

For our leather mitts taking extra care will help to extend the life of them. A good leather conditioner can help to keep the leather supple as washing can damage it.

1: Use lukewarm water and mild soap to gently wash the glove (we've found wearing the glove allows you to keep it's shape and make cleaning easier).

2: Gently pat the mitt dry with a towel to remove excess water.

3: Once the majority of the water has been removed then put the gloves on to give them shape, and then gently remove them. Make sure they are laid flat.

4: Hang to air dry away from heat or direct sunlight. From previous experience putting them on a towel rail makes them kind of unusable

5: You can also gently rub a good leather conditioner into the leather to help keep it supple. This is however optional and not something we've had to do yet.

NOTE: Never dry clean, bleach or tumble dry! We've learnt the hard way!

Hand Circumference
Small (S)
19.8cm - 21cm
Medium (M)
21.1cm - 22.2cm
Large (L)
22.3cm - 23.4cm
Extra Large (XL)
23.5cm - 24.6cm

Having been a fan of Chapeau! Since its inception I don't know how I didn't know about these mitts.
Picked them up as soon as I saw them for my new summer mitts. Am not disappointed.
I absolutely love these for the styling, comfort and fit. And whether it intentional or not the white of the glove really stands out whilst signalling (an added bonus).
Do yourself a favour and buy these mitts. Fantastic! product.

one year ago
Just class, grab your vintage bike


Everything you need is in my review. These are lovely, comfy, will turn their hand to just about anything. And really really well priced.

Ben de la Roubaix
2 years ago

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