Vin Denson - British Beer

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“Now this is a cheeky one! Today there is a lot more support from team cars and the like but back then we often had to fend for ourselves.
I’d been sent on a cafe raid to get a drink for Jacques Anquetil, who was my team leader. On a cafe raid the domestics would be allowed to go up the road, then we’d find a cafe, drop our bikes outside and pile in to grab whatever we could get our hands on. We didn’t have time to be fussy, there was no worrying about getting the right type of fancy sports drink. On this occasion I’d got a load of beer and wine and if you look closely."

We have taken some iconic Vin Denson photographs and using our illustrator created these t-shirt designs to celebrate the career of one of Britain's cycling heroes!

Our Vin Denson range of T-shirts are made from 100% Organic Cotton.

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Size Guide

SIZEChest Size (A)Length (B)
Small (S) 37 1/4 - 39 1/4 inches94.62 - 99.69 26.7768.00
Medium (M) 39 1/4 - 41 1/4 inches99.69 - 104.80 27.5070.00
Large (L) 41.5 - 43 1/2 inches104.80 - 109.90 28.3072.00
Extra Large (XL) 44 - 46 inches111.76 - 116.84 2974.00