Garment dimensions when measured laid flat.

SIZEDress SizeInside Leg
Small (S) 6 - 8 3281
Medium (M) 8 - 10 3281
Large (L) 10 - 12 3486
Extra Large (XL) 12 - 14 3486

Fitting Advice - To ensure you get the intended level of comfort and performance from your bibs, you want them to fit tighter rather than looser. This will help the pad stay in the correct position when pedalling and allow the compressive nature of the fabric to do its job properly.

We advise you to compare these flat measurements to a comparable garment (do not compare a jacket to a base layer for example) that you already own and like the fit of to help you work out which size to order from us. However, please remember this is a guide only - 2 garments with same flat dimensions but made of fabrics of different stretch will fit you very differently. If you'd rather buy 2 sizes and send the one back that doesn't fit, this is fine by us!