Mens Roundel T-Shirt

Deep Ocean

Why we made this:

Because we’re still cyclists when we’re not on our bikes.

Our new Chapeau! tee-shirts soft and comfortable with a classic fit. They’re designed for a coffee in your favourite cafe, a lap of the super market, a night out… and for any time you’re not on two-wheels but still want to say Chapeau!

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that look. The wordless nod. The passing, wry smile. The subtle recognition. A mark of respect that you’re both a part of something extraordinary.

You might be in your favourite bar, maybe a coffee shop, walking the dog or at the supermarket. You notice the uniform of the off-duty cyclist. The crafty, quiet shout through a carefully chosen garment that says “Yep, I ride”. You give them that nod, that passing smile, that recognition that you share something that few others understand.

Our new Chapeau! tees are a simple, subtle badge of your devotion to all things two-wheeled. They’re 100% cotton to keep you comfortable and cool with a classic cut. Available in two colours, Black or Deep Ocean.

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